Haiti: Technical Support for Strengthening the Judicial System

In 2013, the OAS charged JSCA with developing a consultancy on and providing technical support to strengthen the Haitian judicial system, which had been impacted by various political, social, humanitarian, health and economic circumstances over the past decade.

In 2017, following several exploratory visits to Port-au-Prince to monitor the work of the judiciary, especially in the area of criminal law, JSCA began to provide support to the country in collaboration with the U.S. organization Chemonics over a five-year period.

The agreement with Chemonics was part of a larger cooperation initiative for the Caribbean country that is being executed by USAID. The Haiti Justice Sector Strengthening Program (JSSP) supports the professionalization, independence and efficiency of the Haitian justice sector in order to expand access to quality justice.

Our actions also were designed to achieve:

Improvements to the legal framework; strengthening of the judiciary as an independent, credible and effective authority; the improvement of access to justice and protection of rights; and the strengthening of civil society groups.

JSCA supported actions aimed at improving the criminal justice system during the first year of the project, specifically the criminal justice system reform led by the Presidential Commission for Justice Reform.

It also supported the Superior Judiciary Council (CSPJ) in areas of probity for the judiciary through systems for evaluating judges.

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