Promoting the Installation of Judicial Offices
in Argentina and Bolivia: The Key to Civil Justice Modernization

In April 2019, the La Pampa Province Superior Court signed a general collaboration agreement with JSCA as well as a specific agreement to implement a civil judicial office in Santa Rosa to support five civil and commercial courts that operate in the capital.

This improved civil oral procedures and administrative structures which were already in place in Neuquén, Formosa and Mendoza. These judicial offices are vital to the success of the civil judicial reform processes that are being introduced in Argentina.

At the regional level, JSCA is expanding the development of civil judicial offices in Uruguay, Brazil and Peru to strengthen their use of civil oral procedures.

The La Pampa Civil Judicial Office incorporates all of the findings produced by judicial reform processes such as: the separation of judicial and administrative functions, the incorporation of resource administration professionals as office managers, and the creation of specialized oral hearing management units.

This effort led to the improvement of administrative support structures to support the use of oral civil procedures similar to those in place in Neuquén, Formosa and Mendoza.

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JSCA and the Superior Court of Justice of La Pampa initiate work to implement a Civil Judicial Office in the city of Santa Rosa